Cleaning products: find out which ones you should have in your home

Keeping the house clean is not an easy task. That is why it is important to have household cleaning products always at hand, in order to speed up the service. Each room in the house deserves special attention and uses different products. You certainly won’t have them stored in the kitchen and bathroom.

Have you been able to organize yourself properly in your home? Find out which cleaning products cannot be missing:

Products you can’t miss separated by room

Each room in the house requires different household cleaning products. Especially when we compare very different spaces, such as the bathroom and the living room of the house. We separated below which products are important to have in each room – or dedicated to each space of your home:

Bathroom cleaning products

In the bathroom it is important to have:

Toilet cleaner
It makes cleaning the toilet easier, without having to put your hands inside.

The detergent is useful to clean the floor and can be poured into the box and the sink, in order to reduce odors.

Sanitary water
The bleach serves to disinfect the space. It must be thrown inside the toilet and in the bathroom stall before you scrub them.

Gloves are essential for cleaning the bathroom and should only be used in this space. They prevent you from coming into contact with bacteria and microorganisms that live in the place. Especially when cleaning the toilet, gloves are very important.

To finish cleaning the toilet – and keep it always clean – the ideal is to have a disinfectant nearby. You can even keep it in the bathroom.

Bathroom is a damp place, which means that you will have to deal with slime on the walls. So, always have a slime handy.

Kitchen cleaning products

To clean your kitchen you need to have close by:

1. Detergent
The detergent will be used in order to clean the kitchen floor. You can even dissolve it in water if you find it necessary. Also separate an exclusive cloth for the kitchen floor, so that you can scrub the product.

2. Degreaser
One of the big problems in the kitchen is the issue of fat. So it is important to have a degreaser always close by. You can even leave it next to the wastebasket if you don’t have children at home.

This product will be useful to clean the furniture, the outside of the refrigerator and the microwave.

3. Dishwasher
Dishwasher detergent is essential in the kitchen. Leave a bottle in the sink. Preferably bet on neutral.

4. Sponges
Sponges are part of cleaning the kitchen. They are used for dishes and you can leave a separate one exclusively for cleaning the stove and the furniture in this room.

5. Microwave cleaner
This product is not indispensable, but it can be quite useful. You put some vinegar and water into the microwave cleaner and then turn it on for a few minutes.

Multipurpose cleaning products (for various rooms in the house)

Here are some products that can be used in various rooms in the house:

1. Multipurpose
In your cleaning products list you cannot miss a multipurpose. It will be used in various parts of the house, when you need to remove grease or some more difficult dirt.

2. Detergent
Anyone with a ceramic floor at home cannot dispense detergent. He is one of the best allies in cleaning and still leaves a fragrant smell around the house.

3. Floor cloths
Floor cloths are indispensable and you will need several. Separate the ones that will be exclusive to the kitchen and bathroom and the rest leave for cleaning the rooms in general. Do not forget to have some destined only for the service area.

4. Buckets
Buckets are practical for preparing product mixes and for leaving them with water, when you need to rinse a cloth or sponge. Always have some at home.

5. Cleaning brushes
Some corners of your home are very difficult to reach and clean. Set aside some old toothbrushes and invest in brushes that can help with this task.

6. Vacuum cleaner
A very important item to help clean the house is the vacuum cleaner. Makes it more practical to remove dust and other small dirt. It is even more useful if you or someone in the house has allergies, such as rhinitis, as it avoids raising dust while cleaning.

7. Brooms
Have brooms at home to sweep the inside and outside of the house. Leave them separate. The one used in the interior can be of hair, while the one for the sidewalks can be of piassava.

8. Gloves
In addition to the gloves for cleaning the bathroom, reserve other extra pairs for when you need to deal with stronger products in other parts of the house. So you avoid hurting your hands.

Innovative cleaning products

New products are being invented all the time and some of them are quite innovative, in order to facilitate the removal of dirt throughout the house. How about meeting some of them?

1. Corner brush
Great for cleaning the corners of the windows, it resembles a brush and helps to remove those difficult soils that ordinary brushes cannot reach.

2. Sponge that adapts to temperature
Have you ever thought of having a sponge at home that is softer when in contact with hot water and harder when in contact with cold water? This is exactly the function of this sponge, making cleaning faster and easier.

3. Flexible mop
Mops are very practical for cleaning the floor. However, when the corners of the house arrive, it is a little difficult to finish the cleaning. With this, you can count on the flexible mop, which folds and allows you to clean between the floor and the baseboard.

4. Cup sponge
Washing glasses is not always easy, the smaller the opening, the more complicated it is to put the sponge and clean. But … This can be solved with the cup sponge. Its shape is rounded and has a handle, which allows you to hold and rub.

The microwave cleaner, which we cite as a product for the kitchen, is also part of the innovative novelties.

Homemade cleaning product suggestions

Some people prefer to deal with homemade cleaning products when cleaning the house. The reason? They do not harm the body and the environment. And the best part is that they are made with ingredients that you certainly have in your home.

Here are some tips:

Create your own laundry detergent
For that, a bar of coconut soap, a cup of soda tea and a cup of soda bicarbonate is enough. Grate or grind the coconut soap and add the carbonate and baking soda. There, you created your own washing powder.

Homemade multipurpose

To prepare a homemade multipurpose you need a bar of coconut soap, alcohol and baking soda. Grate or grind the coconut soap. In the meantime heat up three liters of water. Add the soap and stir until it dissolves completely. Then add 50 ml of alcohol. Finish with the three spoons of baking soda.

Heavy cleaning product

Make a homemade cleaning product by mixing vinegar with some lemon peels. Place in a spray bottle and apply throughout the house. The lemon helps to reduce the smell of vinegar, but if you want you can just use vinegar with a little water – in equal proportions.

Baking soda + vinegar

To clean the bathroom in the house, bet on the mixture of partner bicarbonate and vinegar. Put some bicarbonate in the toilet bowl and then the vinegar. Rub and flush. In the box apply the vinegar first, you can use a spray bottle to make it easier. Then put baking sponge on a cloth or sponge and rub.

Precious tips for efficient cleaning
Cleaning Tips

Now that you know which household cleaning products are important, check out some tips that will help make the task faster and more efficient:

Have an exclusive space to store cleaning products

If you intend to store the cleaning products used in each room within the space, take care to keep them away from food and other items, for example.

In the kitchen, leave a space intended only for the products that will be used there and in the bathroom keep them away from soaps and shampoos.

1. Separate cleaning buckets from laundry buckets
Have buckets that will only be used to clean the house and others to wash clothes. Even if you just separate the pieces before putting them in the machine, or soak them, it is important to have a specific bucket for this.

2. Cloths of various colors
Colored cloths are more practical for identifying where they should be used. In the bathroom, where you need to apply bleach, bet on whites. To use multipurpose or dust, invest in those that have colors. Red can be used for dust and yellow for removing fat, for example.

3. Beware of validity
Cleaning products also have an expiration date and you should pay attention to that. If they are out of time they may not be as efficient. Did you notice that there is something close to winning? Place the product to be used.

Now you know what home or industrial cleaning products you should have at home to ensure greater efficiency on cleaning days!

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