Cautions when making a Property Change in SP During the Quarantine

Every move is often considered challenging due to the amount of effort involved, from planning a package to insert your belongings, the process of taking everything to the new place of residence, the time to unpack, the cleaning of each item and other issues that involve this moment often dreamed of by many people.

If you are scheduled to move to a new location during the coronavirus pandemic, this is no less challenging and will still require even more care, due to the possibilities of transmission on the way between picking up boxes at the supermarket, contacting suppliers, visiting properties or going live in a new location that may be unknown.

So if you do not have the option to postpone your move, which is the most advisable in this time of quarantine, here are some essential care tips needed to facilitate your move in São Paulo. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning your belongings. With the right cleaning and sanitation methods, your task can be made easier.

The main cause of transmission of COVID-19 is through close contact with other people, so consider whether it is really necessary to search for rooms to rent in SP at this time. After all, unfortunately, the virus continues to survive for days on different surfaces and if you don’t know what the hygiene habits of those who are going to live with you are, this should be a point to consider at this point.

Cleaning and sanitizing your new home, therefore, becomes a priority when making a change during a coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are designed to remove dirt and impurities and kill germs on surfaces. By disinfecting your new property during a move, you can reduce the risk of spreading viral infection before you move in. Consider this especially if you have elderly people and children in your luggage!

Correct cleaning methods when making a property change in SP during quarantine
2. Correct cleaning methods when making a property change in SP during quarantine.

Make sure you have the essential cleaning materials

Although the need to sanitize your new home cannot be greatly affected, you need to have the right cleaning chemicals on hand when visiting houses to buy in SP and also during the entire process of moving. Since COVID-19 is a virus, you can easily kill it with the appropriate cleaning material.

However, you need the right cleaning material, including disinfectants registered by ANVISA to kill the virus on different surfaces. However, 70% alcohol is an inexpensive solution and is known to kill the virus in seconds. If a disinfectant product label claims to kill the SARS, influenza and RSB virus, it can be a potent weapon against COVID-19. When moving to a new location, make sure you have these cleaning supplies handy, otherwise, get them before anything else.

What you should clean carefully

Disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as cardboard, where the virus is believed to live for 24 hours. It can survive on plastic and stainless steel for 2-3 days. Clean your high-touch surfaces, including a table, doorknobs, hard chairs, toilet seat, bathroom counters, light switches, taps and handles, TV remote controls and kitchen counters.

If you can’t find a disinfectant chemical, make yours with a homemade bleach: mix 4 teaspoons of bleach with 1 liter of water. Shake vigorously and spray on surfaces. Leave it in each location for at least 10 minutes before cleaning the surface with a damp cloth, even if the location is small, as if you are considering a kitnet rental in SP : what matters at this time of pandemic is how clean it is, not the size of the property!

Essential items to be aware of right now

Avoid using recycled boxes, as the coronavirus can survive longer on cardboard. Instead, you can use new boxes. Clean the clean boxes before moving. A good cleaning tip for disinfecting boxes, furniture and other items is to use wet wipes containing disinfectants before loading into cars or the moving truck.

That way, you can reduce your risk of taking germs or infections to the new location. Before opening the swap bodies, clean all cardboard surfaces. Unpack them immediately and dispose of the cardboard as soon as possible. At each storage cycle, remember to wash your hands immediately, very carefully.

Make sure the staff that will assist you with the move have hand washing supplies and 70% alcohol gel handy before, during and after the move. If possible, wear all disposable gloves to leave a new location and dispose of them when you reach the new location. The more you wash your hands with soap, the less chance of coronavirus infection.

Leave the doors open when you arrive

You want moving assistants to not touch any other surface of your new home, except the boxes they bring. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the doors open to allow your helpers to enter when they arrive with your belongings.

This is important so that they do not touch surfaces frequently, such as door handles or door handles. By leaving the front door and other doors open, you can ensure that people avoid touching knobs and other common surfaces that can cause viral transmissions.

Choose a moving company wisely

When planning a move during the coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to choose your moving company wisely. Ask them about the precautions used when moving your things to the new home. Ask if they provide the team with gloves, masks and 70% alcohol gel. The COVID-19 virus represents a serious threat to the health and life of human beings, so at this moment, every precaution is extremely necessary.

We know that the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in Brazil and in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have already succumbed to the infection. In short, it is advisable to practice social detachment as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic to stop the spread of this powerful virus.

If possible, make every effort to postpone your move during quarantine. This will prevent the virus from finding new human carriers. However, if moving house during this crisis is crucial, follow all the disinfection and cleaning tips we suggest to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your new home. Always be attentive! Enjoy and share this post on your social networks!

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